Ros Roca is fully dedicated to establishing the highest industry standards for the quality, performance, technology, reliability, value and safety of our equipment and services and energy management, as well as the protection of the environment and the health of our employees through a strategy of continuous improvement of our processes, where each and every one of the workers of Ros Roca S.A. is committed.


The activity of the company of design and engineering, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of garbage collectors, equipment for urban and industrial cleaning and sanitation, is carried out in order to achieve our commitment based on:


  • To be fully customer focused - both external and internal customers - recognizing, understanding, and complying with specifications, legal requirements and regulations with the full complementation of ISO standards throughout the useful life of our products and services.
  • Development and implementation of an efficient management of all business processes with the elimination of activities that do not provide added value and ensuring compliance with the delivery of your products and quality services to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • To serve as a model for the improvement of the environment, health, and safety through example in the management of our Management and the empowerment of our employees, through the development and use of environmentally compatible, safe and energy efficient processes for the design of products and services, supply chain management, production and maintenance / technical assistance..
  • To develop and promote the knowledge of our workers, using their creative talent effectively.
  • Providing the necessary resources and information
  • Ensure that the policy is known, understood and followed by all of our employees, suppliers, and people working on behalf of our company.
  • To fight permanently for the prevention of environmental pollution, the elimination of safety risks, energy management together with good quality management as core values.
  • Integrate eco-design principles into the company's activities and the continuous and sustainable improvement of current and future products.

Integrate continuous improvement of environmental performance into the organization's products throughout their life cycle, without moving environmental impacts from one stage to another unless this has a net reduction in negative environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of the product.


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