Ros Roca’s core activity is the manufacturing of equipment and the design and development of engineering systems and processes applied to the environment. Our philosophy is based on total respect for the environment and the greatest possible development of all environmental engineering that improves quality of life for people.

From our very beginnings we have been very clear about our main objective. We work to build a society in which people may enjoy a constantly improving quality of life in harmony with their environment. From Tàrrega (Lleida province) we have grown and are today a multinational company with operations and presence on the five continents. This does not make us lose sight of our aim but instead sharpens it more. Ros Roca thus invests in research and the development of new technologies, processes and materials in order to achieve a more sustainable society.
We have the spirit and vocation of leaders. We do not shy away from challenge. Our history shows that we are able to see beyond a boundary and grow. People motivate us. We are proud to say that we have a team of more than 1,600 people who, spread out over five continents, help us to improve our products and services every day.

We manufacture and develop equipment and design and engineer systems and processes applied to the environment and always understand that people’s actions must be one of total respect for it.

We invite you to discover our fields of activity.

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